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Monday, January 16, 2006

Now Snooping on MP's ?!

If MP's vote for MI5 being allowed to snoop on them then this really is a 'turkeys voting for Christmas' scenario ! Although, it'll probably just happen [and happens] without recource to parliament. Traditional Labour voters must be sick to the core at how civil liberties are being trashed by Blair. Will someone from the Lib Dems [and elsewhere] put the ball in the net as an open goal looms.

Speaking of goals a 3-0 win for my first sporting love; Nottingham Forest on Saturday, lets have some away wins and less defensive football please Mr. Megson. Leicester City in the bottom three of the ridiculously named 'Championship' too. Not a bad sporting weekend ! More of the same from my local club - Torquay United - would be nice versus Birmingham tomorrow. C'mon the Gulls !


Blogger Paul Leake said...

I'm not convinced that 'traditional Labour voters' are all that much concerned about civil liberties. The intellectual middle-class left that has traditionally voted Labour are upset (and jumping ship), but there are plenty of traditional working class Labour supporters who don't care a jot about civil liberties, and are probably more socially conservative than Liberal. Unfortunate given that it is usually the powerless who end up gagged if civil liberties aren't observed.

6:41 pm GMT

Blogger Barrie Wood said...


Good points Paul ! Progressives, especially amongst the middle class, are deserting Labour in droves, both in terms of membership and votes. However, for this working class ex-Labour member and councillor, it is the excessive control-freakery and almost knee-jerk authoritarianism that makes Labour totally unpalatable. It is this - and the attendant centre-right trajectory - that mean for me Labour have lost sight of progressive principles.

As many Lib Dems argue, and I concur with this, the fault lines in current politics are as much about a divide along the lines of liberal / authoritarian as the more better understood left / right dichotomy.

I should stress my support for the Lib Dems is NOT largely premised upon unhappiness with Labour. The comments posted under the 'Grand Coalition' topic explicitly point out my positive reasons for supporting the Lib Dems.

9:22 am GMT


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