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Friday, December 23, 2005

Kennedy Must Go Petition

The petition organised by 'The Liberal' is risible in the extreme. It is a pity that the Guardian gave this miniscule circulation rag the title of 'in-house journal' which it self-evidently isn't.

This irregular pretentious poetry ridden magazine has little Lib Dem orientation, with as many [largely uninteresting] articles from Labour or Tory circles as Lib Dem. It is nothing more than a poor attempt to raise profile and circulation. The collection of email addresses is a ropey tactic too.

The Guardian poll saying voters want change is also probably a creation of the media. Prior to the [sadly unsacked] malcontents on the front bench creating the latest furore over the leadership, I think most people within and without the Lib Dems were reasonably happy with 'Chairman Charles'.

Yes Charles does need a in private kick up the backside ! Yes, in my opionion, he has promoted economic liberals to top posts in the parliamentary party, only for them to try to steer / hijack the party into an unquestioning free-market direction, much against the general grain of the thinking of the party membership as a whole. If anyone has to go it is these figures and not Kennedy ! Charles Kennedy is as good a unifying figure as any and certainly in a way his putative challengers to his right and left would be, however much I'd personally prefer the latter.


Anonymous Tabman said...

The OB'ers are perhaps against the grain of activist thinking, but I would dispute that they're against the grain of membership thinking. The latter is a far larger grouping than the former, and tends to be wholly pragmatic which is why we've had Paddy and CK, and not Simon Hughes, as leader.

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