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Friday, December 16, 2005

Lib Dem MPs Shut it NOW !!

Yet again I switch on the Today programme and the Lib Dem leadership is subject to discussion. Ming Campbell's comments are cleverly phrased but still hardly a ringing endorsement. A leader that cannot carry with him / her leading figures in the party has a limited shelf-life. Again, Ming is calling on Charles and others to raise his game, so clearly he is falling short in many people's eyes in the **parliamentary ** party

In part though CK has himself to blame. He should have cracked down on those elements that have issued briefings over-reaching beyond party policy - a recent example being talk of a deal with the Tories post General Election in 2009/10. The Treasury team in particular continue to 'fly kites' that would have questionable support within the wider party.

Now on a personal level I'd like to see someone of the ilk of Simon Hughes leading the party and, conversely, would dread a decisive shift rightwards engineered by an economic liberal like Oaten, Laws or Cable. Sometimes I despair in that CK seems to have no ideological compass at all, but as 'Chairman (sic) Charlie' he has just about managed to bind rival traditions within the party together. His collegiate and more consensual style added to positive public approval are his strengths. I can't see any of his rivals equalling this.

Ask yourself this too. Apart from maybe Simon Hughes and possibly Menzies Campbell, typically amongst the wider public few of the party 'stars' have name / image recognition. This is hardly the basis to champion a change of leadership.

I was a little disappointed with the 2005 GE outcome, but nonetheless it WAS the best result for a 'Liberal' party for 82, so lets cut Charles some slack.

Most of all I am seething with anger that negative briefings from the parliamentary party have brought us to where we are. For goodness sake put up or shut up. Better still just shut it - now ! I don't care from what 'wing' of the party you come from I will not forgive these actions easily. When the party membership is at odds with party MPs this spells disaster - I certainly don't want 1980's Labour style internecine warfare thank you very much.


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