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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

No More Briefs !

Will Lib Dem parliamentarians please desist from briefing against party leader Charles Kennedy. This is doing the party no good at all and we need to hold our nerve and see what how any 'Cameron effect' impacts upon the Tories [and Labour and ourselves].

As I've said earlier, Charles does need to raise his game, particularly if the Tories get reacquainted with political reality again, but his lack of obvious ideology enables him to bind together the differing strands in the party. Whilst we might see the debate raging between economic and social liberals, this has not registered with the general public.

It is fair to say that I look to the likes of Hughes, Holmes, Harris, Greaves and their ilk to keep the radical flame burning within the party. CK isn't my ideal leader, but he is pretty popular with the electorate and is seen as a fully paid-up member of the human race, unlike many of the front bench. How many people if polled would recognise [say] Vince Cable ? Many of his putative rivals, to his left and right, have low recognition levels 'out there' and I'm not sure the wider membership are that unhappy with Charles. So I think a leadership contest is not warranted or desirable at this juncture.

Let's give Charles more time for the realistic alternatives are not THAT obvious to me.


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