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Monday, January 09, 2006

Tony Banks

It is with real sadness that I heard today of Tony Banks' passing. His commitment to sport, especially football, was exemplary. He was a witty parliamentary performer and of the left, although not dogmatic. The contrast with his current nonedescript conterpart - Dick Caborn - could not be more pronounced.

I have great admiration too for his unstinting support for animal welfare which was consistent and sustained.

Further, anyone with such a positive disregard for the unelected and unaccountable House of Windsor is OK in my book. Being powerful by accident of birth is surely an anathema to all progressives ? Thank you and RIP Tony.

Still on football, a big 'up' to Torquay United for their gutsy display and excellent result against Premiership Birmingham City. Steve Bruce knows his boys are lucky to still be in the FA Cup. I certainly enjoyed my afternoon at Plainmoor ! A trip to St. Andrews could be in order methinks ! My bank manager will probably say no though ;-(

C'mon You Yellows !


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