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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Blair 2 Lib Dems 0 ! - Respect !!

Like him or not - and I positively don't - Blair is undoubtably a clever politician and a good PMQs performer. Why Ming led on the question of caretaker head teachers yesterday is utterly beyond comprehension. If Ming was hit back straight over the wicket for 6, then Hughes went for four runs too, being easily swatted away by Blair. The equivalent of 12th man back in the pavilion or the BBC Studios as they are sometimes called, the dastardly Oaten, must have been chuckling wildly !

Seriously surely the PM's Respect agenda offered the chance to hurl a 'bouncer' at Blair ? Yet more summary powers to the police, more moralising, more state attempts to 'police' so called 'failing' families and individuals. Civil liberties trashed again ! Surely here was a Liberal (and liberal)issue par exellance ? It almost makes one nostalgic for the almost benign by comparison 'Back to Basics' campaign of the Major years !

Blair seems to prefer summary justice to the rule of law as many Iraqis no only too well. What's next ? A tariff for misdemeanours ? A fiver for dropping chewing gum in the street, £10 for stealing from the school 'Tuck Shop' and £50 for supporting Mark Oaten for Lib Dem leader. Oooops, made that last bit up all by myself ! Policy on the hoof Oaten-style, just like his tax pronouncements yesterday. Silly me, I though Conference decided such matters !

Speaking of RESPECT, isn't George Galloway making a totally fool of himself in the 'Big Brother' House ? Anyone who calls his own book " Mr. Galloway Goes to Washington: The Brit Who Set Congress Straight about Iraq" is beyond vanity. This, of course, is the man whose support for the Palestinian cause [just] often seems to veer towards thinly-veiled anti-semitism [unjust]. This is the man whose saddest political event was the downfall of the USSR and satellites. He's a wanabe 'tinpot dictator' who sits comfortably with the terrible Trots of the SWP in RESPECT. What the large Muslim vote in his constituency make of him absconding to go into the BB House to promote himself [again] will be interesting to learn. I'd say it's a toss-up betweem Andrew Rosindell (Tory / BNP-lite), Bill Cash and 'Gorgeous George' as the Commons' most repulsive member.

RESPECT is such a shotgun marriage anyway between Trots, anti-abortion Catholic MP Galloway and the muslim community in East London. They ought to be called BIZARRE not RESPECT ! Rant over !

Good day to all !


Blogger Angus J Huck said...

You ask (rhetorically, no doubt) "what's next?"

Well, the answer to that is: ID cards, followed by satellite surveillance of motor vehicles.

The final nail in the coffin of human freedom will be the microchipping of the population. But Blair will have to sell the BBC to Murdoch first (which he may need to do anyway to get Murdoch's support at the next general election).

"Respect" is the most successful far-left political party Britain has ever had. Like the "Anti-Nazi" league, it is a SWP dominated "popular front", whose purpose is to draw people into the orbit of the SWP (the Trots couldn't give a stuff about the war, or about Moslems).

Electoral success has resulted from the willingness of these militantly atheist Marxist-Leninists to form an alliance with reactionary Moslems, and to use a practicing Roman Catholic and apologist for totalitarianism, George Galloway, as its frontman.

Well, Lenin did say that there is no morality in the class struggle.

Up until the late 1970s, the SWP didn't believe in cooperating with the class enemy. Racism was something invented by the capitalists to divide the working-class and stop the revolution taking place. So there would be little point working with capitalists to combat racism. That would be a bourgeois diversion from the real historic task of revolutionary socialists which is to prepare for civil war.

Then they spotted the potential of using others to do their campaigning for them, and founded the "Anti-Nazi League" (puppeteering is more fun than lobbing Molotov cocktails at the Police, and you don't go to jail for it).

Siding with religious obscurantists is nothing new for the British left. Most of them supported the overthrow of the Shah by the Ayatolloah Kohmeini. The mullahs would only be in power a short time, they insisted. After a few months, there would be a genuine Marxist revolution (and we're still waiting).

Attempting to manipulate Islamic fundamentalists is an extremely dangerous undertaking, as the Iranian left discovered to its cost. They are (1) incapable of being manipulated, and (2) far too smart for the British left.

Perhaps Mr Galloway would care to explain to us how it is that religion is the opiate of the people, when he is himself a practicing Roman Catholic, and an apologist for Islamic fundamentalism.

I don't think you could accuse Galloway of anti-Semitism, however. Did you see his obituary of the late Solly Kaye?

6:47 pm GMT

Blogger Barrie Wood said...

The SWP are incapable of forging genuine alliances even with others on the far left. If they can't control something or their priorities change then the SWP shut down organisations. ANL and the Socialist Alliance being prime examples.

I am virulently opposed to top-down politics and 'democratic (sic) centralism' is abhorrent to me.

You say Respect the most successful 'far-left' party Britain has ever had ! So a shotgun marriage between Islamic fundamentalists, the SWP and and one egotistical neo-Stalinist MP who was not very radical [in policy terms] when a Labour MP is what counts as 'far left' these days. No wonder the left is utterly bankrupt these days ! Or, are we going through one of the famous 'downturns' that the SWP talks about endlessly ?

Successful ? A handful of councillors, much less than the hate-filled BNP.

Snooping on MP's is what's next so it seems.

9:29 am GMT


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