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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lazy 'leftie' LD blogger returns to the fray !

Well I've got the motivation to write once more. In it's previous incarnation this blog twice featured in the ' Blogs of the Week' award of Lib Dem Voice and nestled comfortably twice in the Top 100 Lib Dem blogs. It's good to know that people read this blog (and often disagreed with me).

Why did I stop ? In short, I was and remain ambivalent towards a Clegg-led Lib Dems. As someone, who like Sir Menzies Campbell, was happy to descibe my politics as centre-left, the drift to join the me-too centre-right consensus leaves me cold.

Being the best of a bad bunch is hardly a call to arms. Locally it is the wretchedness of the local Tories that keep me active. Having a good MP (Adrian Sanders) and a good council group leader (Cllr. Steve Darling) with good social liberal leanings helps too. But enthused, hardly !

My crystal ball says that the next trimming of policy will come at Spring Conference where David Laws will ask that we further embrace greater 'choice' in schools provision and academies in particular.

Anyway, this curmudgeonly contrarian is back once more.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back. You are only saying what many of us are thinking. Please keep saying it!

8:48 pm BST

Anonymous Cptn said...

Yup welcome back to the blogosphere. It'll be good to get more debate going - and you never know, it might mark a seed change that affects the fortunes of the Tricky Trees!

10:48 am BST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's hope so. I look forward to taking 6 points off the trees in the Championship next season!

Seriously, though, welcome back. It's vital that the radical voices, whether in the Lib Dems or elsewhere, are not silenced.

2:32 pm GMT


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