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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bye Bye lots of West Country Lib Dem MPs ?

The West Country - and I don't mean Bristol or those 'south Midlands' places like Gloucestershire ;-) - is one of the stronghold areas for the LD's. Equally, it is one of the most euro-sceptic parts of the UK ! Therefore, it is my view that lots of LD seats are at risk if the party chooses not to accede and allow the British people a say, via referendum, on the EU Reform Treaty.

It is strange to find Liberals not 'trusting the people', especially when tactically and politically it is the right thing to do, even if the result doesn't 'turn out right'.

As recently as the May 2007 local elections evidence [in Torbay at least] suggested that the respectable UKIP vote came as much, if not more, from erstwhile LD supporters as from former Tories. This is one of the few things that Marcus Wood (Tory PPC for Torbay) and I have ever agreed upon.

So what's it to be, follow the lead of 'mediocre Ming' or listen to the voice of the electorate ?



Blogger Marcus Wood said...

I wondered how you'd feel about this, Barry.

2:53 pm BST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, why should Ming care? North East Fife is in Scotland.

3:17 pm BST


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