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Monday, August 20, 2007

John Redwood's 'Red Tape'

Aghhh.... in the couple of weeks or so since my last posts 'The Vulcan' has returned centre stage. The only good thing about his return is that it illustrates that the talk of the Tories fighting from the 'centre ground' is just that. talk. What Redwood calls red tape that stymies business, I see social policy that protects people at work.

'Highlights' from the Redwood produced report include :

* loosening health and safety regulations
* making it easier to sack those in post
* opting out of the social chapter and undermining EU attempts to ensure all workers get 20 days holiday per year PLUS bank holidays
*opting out of the 48 hour working time regulations.

Of course, the £14bn tax cut proposals is prefaced by the caveat of 'as the economy allows' for this and other tax cuts. Is Cameron's position so weak that he has to shore up his position by supporting such a rag-bag of right wing proposals ? That George Osborne 'welcomes' the Redwood led report tells you how little the Tories have really changed.

Inheritance Tax ? See next post !



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