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Friday, August 03, 2007

Ming - It's about results !

Let's be clear I put Ming in third place out of three in the Lib Dem leadership contest. Ming comes across [to me] as personally wooden and politically unconvincing [other than on foreign affairs].

Can I see Ming engaging with and inspiring voters on say, a Rochdale council estate or in central Torquay, to hold seats we have, let alone increase our representation at Westminster ? I am doubtful. If I, as an activist am unenthused, then this bodes ill for connecting with the wider public.

BUT, being a party leader is akin to being a football manager. It is 'results' that count. As the 'political season' has yet to run it's course and it's conclusion may not be too far away it would be illogical - and unfair on Ming - to change course now. 'Matches' with Labour and the Tories thus far have produced about acceptable performances, so it's a case of 'supporters' getting behind Ming Campbell and team right now and leaving a fuller and more thorough judgement to  when the 'league table' shows the outcome of the next Westminster elections.

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Anonymous James S said...

Well that may depend upon your point of view and experience of football clubs, or, I suppose, a cheap and undeserving comparison as a desperate attempt to grab some easy attention, hmm, let me decide now...

I disagree that being a party leader is akin to being a football club manager: it's not just about results (or shareholder returns, control of the kitty or a means to launder criminal proceeds/reinvest in the community), it's also about fundamentals and underlying principles and the continued progression of the cause.

Which makes a party leader more like a combination of manager, chairman, chief executive and spokesman of the fanclub all rolled into one.

Anyway the diverse manner of division of labour within different football clubs has lead to a profusion of job titles that the distinction of manager is about as helpful or relevant as 'face of', or 'brains of'.

To extend the analogy in a more accurate fashion: results matter, but it's all relative. Is it more important than life and death? Is retaining your status utmost in your list of requirements, or do you want to exude the style of Brazil (no, not Alan)?

Hadn't you heard, it's a party for gawd's sake.

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