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Monday, June 25, 2007

Hard Left Jon Cruddas ?!

Andy Mayer, Lib Dem blogger writes off John Cruddas as being ' hard left'. Actually John Cruddas is responsible for putting the issue of affordable housing - to rent or buy - back on the Westminster agenda. So I say well done John ! Further, to come third despite standing against cabinet ministers past and present is some achievement. Best of all, the horrid smiley Blairite Hazel Blears came last. Excellent !

As for Harman, I think her contrast in PERSONALITY and background with that of Brown will serve Labour well. I can see her on GMTV / daytime TV on those 'sofa interviews' helping to keep lots of the 'nice middle classes' in the Labour coalition, especially in the SE.

A much more shrewd option than the favoured Johnson methinks. Write Labour off at our peril.

And, if you think Cruddas is 'hard left' then you must be pretty right wing Andy !

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regrettably, there are one or two 'Tory Democrats' in our party.

6:56 pm BST

Blogger Andy Mayer said...

Barrie, as a liberal, socially and economically who occasionally reads such dangerous tomes as the Orange Book, I can probably be accurately described as to the right of you on economic matters.

As far as the political compass test is concerned though my views are consistently slap bang in the centre of the left/right axis and libertarian. If however you want to label liberals like me as right-wing, or closet-Tories or Nu-Liberal or whatever the flavour of the month insult is down at the commune this month that's up to you.

I think it would be regretable if this party abandonned the centre-ground to make common-cause with politicans like Cruddas. Experience would tend to suggest such behaviour helps the Tories and Labour win.

8:04 pm BST

Blogger Tristan said...

Putting something on the agenda is different from proposing solutions.

Many LibDems have been pushing the agenda too and generally come up with more liberal solutions.

If my hunch about Cruddas is correct, he'd support more government intervention in the housing market which is what has caused this problem in the first place...

8:57 pm BST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Describing Jon Cruddas as 'hard left' shows nothing but fundamental lack of understanding and knowledge or the Labour Party and its ideological make-up. Mind you like most libdems you've probably got no clue of the ideological make-up of your own party.

11:04 pm BST


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