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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Miracles do happen ! Blair gets something right !

Did I really see the 'Big Man' 'Dr' Ian Paisley agreeing to share power with nationalists in 'Norn Iron' ? Big up for the perennial 'Dr No' of province politics. Ulster - well six of the nine counties - finally said Yes. How great that is !

Republicans too deserve credit. It seems not that long ago that on a Trades Council visit we took in a visit to the Maze prison and border areas and stayed in 'hotspots' in Derry and Belfast. To see republicans embracing home rule at Stormont is quite a compromise, but one well worth it as it will be saving countless lives.

Last I heard the area around the Maze was being touted as the potential site of a new stadium to house the province's football team. How times change !

Credit to Tony Blair and the Labour government [and let's not forget the much missed Mo Mowlem's contribution here]. Credit is also due to the forgotten men of the peace process such as John Hume and even David Trimble.

Similarly, the republican heritage of Fianna Fail and Bertie Ahern from the '26 counties' was instrumental in bringing the Shinners on board. Well done to all.

We have a cessation of violence, even a semblence of peace, but it's still a long road to an inclusive, liberal and non-sectarian NI. There's still a battle for hearts and minds to be won before the ghosts of the past can be finally banished. Here's to a better future for a beautiful part of our isles. Maybe this is where our sister party - the Alliance party - can be most influential.

A pity 3,000 + lives needed to be lost before the futility of war was realised.

My thoughts are with their families, irrespective of their 'tradition'.



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