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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Tory Ranter of the highest order!

On Marcus Wood's blog today is an amusing piece of ranting from a Tory coucillor rather shy on identifying him/herselsf ! (see

Anonymous said...

I am a conservative councillor (not one of yours) who has faced a concerted barrage from the Lib dems for years.

I am surprised at you Marcus for using terms like 'good leaflets' - they are the worst kind of gutter politics.

What the Lib Dems do is spread lies and rumours, make nasty and petty personal attacks against their opponents, deceive their electors about their chances of winning and generally do anything to win votes at any cost.

No policies, no philosophy, just envy and bile directed at anyone already elected.

All this does is drag everyone down to the lowest level - and then we wonder why no-one bothers to vote and councillors are held in such low regard.

Oh I know I shouldn't bite and I briefly referred to the Green Tax Switch and crime initiatives of the party but this just shows the standard of some elected under the Tory banner. Who said the 'nasty party' was a thing of the past ?!



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