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Friday, May 18, 2007

Independent 'given' key position on Torbay Council

So Julien Parrott who as an Independent candidate triumphed over both the Tories and myself in the local elections is to be the Co-ordinator of the council's Overview and Scrutiny Board.

I just wonder as to how this will work out. The one independent is to be put there by Tory votes is to scrutinise the Tory mayor and cabinet ! As if happens, despite it being spun already in the local paper, this matter has not actually been voted on by council members. Yes, I know the Tories are in the majority, but surely they could wait until the matter is voted upon ! Oh well, I suppose that is democracy Tory style.

This follows on from the Tories denying the Chairman-elect and current Deputy Council Chairman (Roger Stringer) the top civic post since having a majority of councillors following May 3rd. Are the Tories determined to eliminate the Lib Dems from all positions of responsibility ? Even the executive Tory mayor was allegedly critical of the Tories in putting forward Beryl McPhail for the Chair's job.

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