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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Cameron's Sheep and Goats

David Cameron, in relation to his no new grammar schools announcement, is quoted in 'The Guardian' as saying " Parents fundamentally don't want their children divided into sheep and goats at the age of 11". David Willetts talks, rightly, of the history of Grammar schools entrenching priviledge, but what about the genetically modified goats of Eton ? Dave's parents clearly did want to 'entrench priviledge' via his Etonian education.

And, with the Academies having a questionable record in terms of entry requirements, we are far from the end of selection by ability by over-subscribed schools.

Further, we are still stuck with our partial Grammar school system in Torbay. As for Marcus Wood (Tory PPC) this education initiative leaves him in a difficult spot. Does he defend the new party direction which many Conservatives and others will be aghast at, or does he speak out against his own party and become more popular with local Tory opinion ?

So far, trying to face both ways at once seems to be his approach !

Once again, despite Blairites, the Tories and the right of the LDs making a fetish of 'choice' what most people still want is a 'good' school in their own locality. To those people I say show me a consistent snapshot of public opinion that says otherwise.

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Blogger agentmancuso said...

Choice isn't a fetish. It's an assertion of the individual's right to do as he pleases, unless his behaviour is dangerous to others.

State education is a shambles. Inevitably so: massive bureaucracy, public-sector protectionism, centralised direction, Utopian intervention, socialist inertia, state-mandated curriculum and examinations. How could this hideous combination produce anything but a shambles?

And now Labour want to enforce educational conscription up to the age of 18. Magic.

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