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Friday, July 20, 2007

Third in a two horse race !

Yes, the happy outcome in the Ealing Southall by-election.  The Tories third in a two horse race !!

Only  the Tories can stop Labour claimed 'David Cameron's' Conservatives. How wrong they were !  5 visits to the constituency from dashing 'Dave' and even his name on the ballot paper, rather than  Mr Lit being listed as just the Conservative party candidate - all to no avail. To see the knives sharpening on ConservativeHome is a guilty pleasure for sure !

Maybe, bearing in mind Tony Lit's  very recent donation to Labour he should have been listed as Conservative AND Labour candidate. After all the publicly declared differences between them seem to be narrowing all the time - he could have cleaned up !

As for Mr Iain Dale the reasoning that ES was not 'natural' Tory territory. Is he referring to the ethnic make-up of that part of  West London ? Too many  'disadvantaged' voters too ? Admittedly the Etonian vote is pretty low there [and almost everywhere else too]. Come on Iain do explain.

It seems Scotland, Wales, the northern cities and urban areas in much of the south remain not 'natural' Tory territory.  Is the 'natural territory' left enough to win a Westminster election anytime soon ?

'Dave' seems to be following recent tradition. New Tory leader makes noises about connecting with modern Britain. Modern Britain doesn't believe them for long. Enter next Tory leader ! I do think Cameron realises what he needs to do, but every time he throws scraps off the table to keep 'traditional' Tories happy he reminds everyone else  how out of touch his party - especially the wider membership-  is ! How else can you explain away the Grammar Schools and married couples' tax bribe issues ?

Overall a very good outcome for Labour well into a third term of office. My point of view is of an acceptable outcome for  the Lib Dems, especially in Sedgefield. This takes attention away from Ming's performance as leader. Whether this is a good thing or not, I'll leave you to decide. Did we do well enough though, this far into Labour's time in office and considering the poor quality of the Tory [sorry Davie C's] candidate ?

Finally a bugbear I always have with the Lib Dems ! The exaggerated claims the party frequently makes. Only the Lib Dems can stop Lab or Con winning here, sometimes even when we start from a poor third place previously ! A classic example was Duncan Borrowman yesterday claiming it was 'neck and neck' in the ES contest ! A good strategy perhaps to get more helpers for a final push as a campaign closes, but somewhat insulting to the intelligence of the voting public ! There said it - got it off my chest !



Blogger Duncan Borrowman said...

I have commented on my own blog that the figures I was supplied with did show it was much closer than the final result. I think there needs to be some examination of why that was not the case. My posting wasn't spin.

1:35 pm BST

Blogger Barrie Wood said...

Not really a 'pop' at you Duncan. At times we do spin and make unrealistic and ambitious claims. Your remarks just reminded me of this. It irritates me when others do to, as the Tories laughably did in ES !

2:36 pm BST


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