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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Lib Dem / Labour 'Alliance' - Herald Express 270607

Below is my [edited badly] letter in response to ridiculous claims of a Lib Dem / Labour alliance at Westminster by Marcus Wood (Tory PPC for Torbay). His 'contribution' is also included for reference.

Marcus WOOD's speculation about an alliance at Westminster between the Liberal Democrats and Labour was hasty and unfounded. Party leader, Sir Menzies Campbell, ruled out this prospect and Paddy Ashdown emphatically refused to join the Labour government.Liberal Democrats have, in the interests of forming stable administrations and in promoting liberal policies, joined partnerships with Labour in Scotland and Wales previously and also more recently have turned down the prospect of governing with that party. Similarly there have, and continue to be, a number of local councils where Lib Dems partner the Conservatives in 'hung' councils. Partnership with the Tories does not presage an alliance or preference for that party either.

Locally, Cllr Darling's offer to the Conservatives to broker a better relationship with mayor Bye and his fellow Conservatives is an attempt to seek agreement where possible and for grown-up politics to win out over unnecessary tribalism.

The initial Tory response suggests, as we've said all along, that it is the Tories that don't want to work with the Lib Dems locally rather than vice-versa, contrary to popular public perception.

In reality it is New Labour and the Tories who might be better aligned as evidenced by their shared support for curbing civil liberties, academy schools, nuclear power, sending troops to Iraq, limiting Freedom of Information and continued support for the unfair Council Tax.

The debate is not just between left and right, but two increasingly indistinguishable main parties and the Lib Dems.

Marcus when are we going to hear what you are for? Being the chief critic of the Lib Dems is not good enough for a would-be parliamentary candidate.


Marcus said :

The revelation that Sir Menzies Campbell and Gordon Brown have held a series of secret meetings to discuss the possibility of Lib Dems joining his Labour government this week is very revealing.The polls continue to suggest that the outcome of the next election will be a hung parliament with no clear winner.

What the voters will want to know before they vote in a general election, and what they are entitled to be told, is which way the Lib Dems would jump in the event of there being no outright winner?

Since undoubtedly the Lib Dems will evade this question throughout the election campaign (as they always do) I would advise voters to remember this piece of news as the best clue they are going to get.


Torbay Conservative Prospective Parliamentary Candidate



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