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Friday, September 07, 2007

Your perception of the Lib Dems ?

There is a growing concern among many MPs that the party has allowed itself to be caricatured as a protest group for the middle classes by taking too little interest in social justice. This is alleged in a piece in 'The Guardian' yesterday. Is this your perception ? It was mine prior to joining the party and there is still a hint of that in my mind.

That may possibly hold some water nationally, but as the only party campaigning and opposing the Tories in Torbay, I believe it isn't true locally.

Anyone got a view on this ?



Anonymous john said...

There is some truth in that - more worryingly is that we are not differentiating ourselves from the other two parties.

We need to show a clear vision about our ailing democracy, the distribution of power and the way wealth is redistributed.

I personally don't think we can really tackle this issue unless we concede that the whole of the Civil Service should be relocated as well as Parliament AND we opt to reduce the number of MPs and beef up councils.

1:24 pm BST

Anonymous freeluncher said...

My perception of the Lib-Dems took a turn for the worse the minute that they entered into coalition government with the New Labour party in Scotland. It destroyed their credibility in my humble opinion as a party "different" from the other two. The unseemly way in which Charles Kennedy's alcohol problems were dealt with also helped shatter a perception of a "progressive", "liberal", and "tolerant" party.

There is a LOT wrong with the Liberal Democrat party, more than can be told in a comment box I am afraid.

5:32 pm BST


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