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Monday, September 17, 2007

Tory Hypocrisy on Europe - Letter to 'Herald Express' 170907

Marcus Wood doesn't let inconvenient facts get in the way of his latest attempt at political point scoring through the pages of your paper.

He accuses the Lib Dems of hypocrisy with regard to a potential referendum on the EU Reform Treaty. He fails to note that the Liberal Democrats went into the last general election promising a UK referendum on the EU constitutional proposals which collapsed in 2005 when Dutch and French voters rejected them. It is right that our people have a full debate about our future relationship with Europe as Sir Menzies Campbell has recognised by offering the most radical referendum proposal of all - namely about our membership of the EU itself ! Do you support this Lib Dem proposal Marcus ?

If any party is being hypocritical it is his own Conservative party ! The EU we have today was hugely shaped by the Single European Act and the Maastricht Treaty, both signed by the Tories, but without reference to the British people. Even Marcus, on his online 'blog' admits in respect of Maastricht that "I think we should have offered a referendum on the issue and so do most modern Conservatives".

Lastly, as should now be clear, and contrary to the claims of Marcus Wood, the Lib Dem position is wholly different from that of the Labour government. Wishful thinking from the Tories is no substitute for debate based upon the facts ! Wrong again Marcus !

This was in response to the following letter laughably headlined LIb Dem support for Labour puzzling :

Guess what, once again the Liberal Democrats are demonstrating hypocrisy of the highest order, this time over the European Constitution; a law that would give a great deal more power to the EU, and reduce our right to make our own laws and foreign policy.Pro-European Lib Dem leader Ming Campbell has now formally sided with Gordon Brown in refusing to allow the British public a say on the Constitution.

"My judgment is a referendum is not necessary on this document," he said in an interview ahead of next week's Lib-Dem conference in Brighton.

With the backing of the Lib Dems, Gordon is now certain of enough votes to ensure that this treaty will get through parliament without the British public having a say, in spite of having made a clear manifesto pledge that we would be given a vote.

These are the very same Liberal Democrats who make a living complaining endlessly about a lack of democracy and who demand referendums of everything from road pricing to the monarchy.

Our local MP has himself made desperate attempts to force our elected mayor to hold a referendum of the vital question of, er, whether Torbay has one casino or two. Yet it would appear he will calmly vote to deny you or I a say in one of the most fundamental changes to our constitution since the Act of Union in 1707.


Torbay Conservatives prospective parliamentary candidate

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Blogger Candide said...


I've come to the decision that it is better not to write to the HE on any political matters, as it give Marcus the opportunity to reply, wich is exactly what he wants - he needs his name/photo in the paper as much as possible. You might want to consider this tactic as well.

8:43 pm GMT

Anonymous citzen smith said...

Marcus Wood was Nick Bye"s Campaign Manager.I have no comment on that but really just that.If Mr Wood has a Ghost Writer it might be an idea to ask them to write letters for him as really he has no skills in the art at all.

9:26 pm BST


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