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Monday, November 26, 2007

We need Huhne and Clegg rather than Huhne versus Clegg

I see in yesterdays piece by Nick Clegg in the 'Independent on Sunday' that Nick says that his leadership rival Chris Huhne will feature prominently in any Clegg-led Lib Dem party. Rumours of personal antipathy between the two men have hardly been quelled by the leadership campaign, but the party needs to utilise fully the talents of BOTH men, irrespective of the leadership vote.

I'd hope that Chris would be equally magnanimous in victory too in finding Clegg a key role. Has he said anything on this subject ?

To be fair, Clegg's performance on 'Newsnight' a few days ago was rather better than either the Plymouth hustings or 'Question Time' appearances. We need therefore, Huhne and Clegg in tandem, much more than the needlessly divisive 'heat' of the leadership debate.

In closing I'm still voting Huhne but looking beyond the 'froth' of the current contest.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you'll find Chris has already committed himself to giving Nick Clegg a major role in the Shadow Cabinet.
Nick made similar comments about Chris early in the camapign, and I think he would honour them. However, you were at Plymouth, so you must have noticed that a lot of Nick Clegg's backers simply cannot stand Chris. If he wins and they're in the 'bunker' then not only Chris but Susan Kramer and Paul Holmes will probably find themselves out in the cold. If that happens it'll be a terrible waste of talent.
I hope whoever wins has the good grace to reccommend the other for Deputy Leader.

9:39 pm GMT

Anonymous Will said...

Yes - Chris has repeatedly said that Nick would have a high-profile role in his Shadow Cabinet.

9:41 am GMT

Blogger Lynne said...

OF course Chris (if elected) will want Nick in a key posiiton. As you say - we need them both!

9:07 am GMT

Blogger freethinkingnation said...

Definately we need them both. However I wonder if the contest has been too acrimonious for them to have a decent working relationship?

2:51 pm GMT


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