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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

LIb Dem Leadership Race....zzzz....

Two ex-public school, middle aged, middle-class and [in party terms] men hardly offering competing and contrasting visions for party direction leaves me feeling slightly bored. Differences thus are exaggerated and minor details aside it's down to personalities. On the margins, I feel that on public services and the environment I feel happier with Huhne than Clegg.

Last time around the favoured media candidate was Ming Campbell and the received wisdom was that he was a 'safe pair of hands'. Now we are to be impressed by the 'youthful' and 'telegenic' Clegg. What on earth is telegenic ? I remember Blair being described as such, so someone possessing such an attribute might not be so appealing at all. Further how can anyone be described as 'youthful' at 40+ ?!

Saturday sees a hustings at the SW REgional Conference - hopefully I'll be more enthused then.

As for a party seeking to be one of diversity and reflective of the modern day UK the narrow range of candidates in terms of perspectives and backgrounds is very disappointing. Am I alone in feeling relatively ambivalent about the LD leadership contest ?

In fairness both men are very competent and well able to reflect and project liberal ideas. I look forward to 'getting behind' the victor. For those Clegg minded, your man looks to be the winner as in most political / union / student votes in my life I never seem to vote for the winner !



Anonymous wally wallet said...

The reason that I support Huhne is that at least he had the wit to realise that Ming's "safe pair of hands" was not what the Lib Dems needed - and had the balls to stand in opposition to the venerable old codger, while young Mr Clegg was content to stand aside, and encourage others to stand aside, so that ming could take buggins' turn. I seriously wonder whether so many Lib Dem MPs have come out or Clegg because they think Chris Huhne is "too ambitious". For Pete's sake, a bit of ambition is what we need if we are ever going to get a move on!

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