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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The most risible Tory PPC response ever ?!

Marcus Wood, nominally the Conservative PPC for Torbay, but selling himself on a "I'm not the Lib Dems' ticket replied to my second letter on European issues [see Herald Express letter 031107] in these terms :


11:00 - 07 November 2007
In response to Barrie Wood, Tory attack on EU reform treaty stance is a bit rich (Your View, November 30.

I was so looking forward to reading his defence of the Liberal Democrat position on this matter. What a pity then he seemed intent on simply attacking David Cameron instead.Like so many issues, the Lib Dems are all over the place when calling for referendums.

In Scotland the Lib Dems oppose giving citizens a referendum on independence; while in Wales they demand a referendum on having more power.

In England they are busy demanding a referendum on a written constitution, yet they vehemently oppose giving us a say on the new EU constitution which would take precedence over it.

Locally, our MP did not support a Bay-wide referendum for the really important issue of having an elected mayor, yet he loudly demands a ballot of the people on the wafer-thin question of whether we have one casino or two.

The fact is the Government are reneging on a promise it made to give us a say on the constitution. They can be sure of getting this through Parliament, even though several uneasy Labour MPs may rebel, because the Lib Dems will back them to a man.

The Lib Dems' own 'core statement of principles' says: "We believe sovereignty rests with the people and authority in a democracy derives from the people".

But perhaps they should add the words "provided the people are going to give us the answer we want".


Torbay prospective Parliamentary candidate

You'll notice no mention of European policy at all. No defence of Tory policy or a considered response to Sir Menzies Campbell's call for a referendum on EU membership. The other Mr Wood's stock in trade is to denigrate Adrian Sanders MP in particular and the Lib Dems in general. Such a debating 'style' would be poor at Student Union level, but from a would-be Tory MP it is profoundly depressing and worthy of ridicule.

Does anyone else face truly woeful political opponents ? Having lived around the country I've been represented at Westminster by members of all three main parties and have had respect for 'the competition' but in Torbay, with the headline chasing but achieving nothing elected mayor and a Tory PPC as bad as this I despair of the alleged 'new' Conservatives !

For a critical, but non LD view of Torbay, go to :

For the uninitiated Charlie Windsor bears 'striking similarities' to Marcus Wood and the ego-centric mayor [Nick Bye] has 'everything in common' with the character 'Dr Pangloss'.

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