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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Radio Bloke and Anti-Scottishness

I was listening to Radio 5 Live a little after Gordon Brown's speech to the Labour Conference the other day . Afterwards they ran a vox pop on how acceptable GB would be as leader of GB. The hostility to his Scottishness, some of it appearing explicitly racist was alarming.

Ironically no-one seems as bothered or mentiones Sir Menzies Campbell's Scottishness ! Talking to people I know I think the tennis player Andrew Murray's alleged comments about supporting 'anyone but England' seemed to start this ball rolling [again]. Of course, whilst there seems to be anecdotal evidence of an increasing level of anti-English racism directed at the English in Scotland and a grain of anti-Englishness is in the psyche of some north of the border, but for the first time in my life, I am seeing / hearing some of this being reciprocated quite openly. A United Kingdom ?

At the same time, I hear on the news this morning, that RC's are allegedly six times more likely to be subjected to sectarian abuse than their Protestant counterparts in Scotland. I am however pleased that this hasn't been lazily blamed all on the 'Old Firm' of Rangers and Celtic as is often the case.

A Scottish perspective would be interesting on this, hopefully we might listen to each other and understand each other better. Gordon Brown, as for Ming Campbell too, should be judged on policies alone. Liberal values of tolerance and celebrating difference are much needed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"A Scottish perspective would be interesting on this"

Here you go!

8:44 pm BST

Anonymous kenneth baxter said...

A scottish prospective from a scot living in england
you only have to look at the trashy newspapers like the sun to see a rise in anti scottishness if they said these things about anyone else like the irish or asians there would be riots against this vile and evil racist filth. in yesterdays sun PAGE 11(english version) they called from independence and i quote "The Scots know that independence would mean poverty, a political backwater a nation simply ignored. So they are never going to vote for independence. More's the shame. Unfortunately we are lumbered with the tartan tosspots." i now that is does not reflect the english attitude as a whole but papers like the sun are playing a dangerous game of playing up anti scottishness as a means of attacking gordon brown rather than wanting indpendence. The fault lies with current labour government when they created the current settlement of devolved goverment they cause a rise in anti englishness by not settling the west lothian question.

9:28 pm GMT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a Scott Named Barrie Wood and I live in the U.S great job Barrie

1:29 am BST


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