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Monday, September 18, 2006

Pre- Conference Thoughts

Watching Sunday AM with Andrew Marr yesterday I can only but agree with Stephen Tall that Ming was 'top notch'. It was the best interview I have seen him give since becoming leader and one where his advantages came to the fore : he was authoritative, measured and well briefed.

Now I didn't vote for Ming as even my second preference let alone vote for him as leader but I do sense he is growing into the job. The Ming of now, seems far removed from the hesitant and nervous Ming of those first few weeks.

That the MORI poll in the 'Sunday Times' of 3 September deems him the most trusted of party leaders, ahead of Cameron, Brown and Blair is something we should play up. Whilst others cast around for political policies of expediency [step forward Mr. Cameron], Ming has been true to his 'gut liberal' and 'creature of the centre-left' instincts.

As a consequence I am much more of a 'Ming-er' than I was and am 'at ease' with his leadership. Further, I am postively willing him to give a conference speech that will resonate well beyond the Brighton hall.

Tax ? I'm still open-minded, although still swing towards Evan Harris' amendment. But, I can live with and campaign on either outcome. Good policy will result either way !

On a differing tack I was delighted to be ranked at No. 28 in the Top 100 Lib Dem blogs. It is an encouragement and I am surprised to be ahead of a number of a number of well-established and quality blogs. And, I was amused to see Marcus Wood (Torbay Tory PPC) rated at No. 77 in the Tory listings !!

Moreover, I hope Iain Dale's guide to UK Political Blogging will encourage bloggers - old and new - from across the political spectrum. Frankly the quality to be found on the likes of, Lib Dem Blogs Aggregated / Liberal Democrat Voice and Labour Home / Bloggers4 Labour all give greater insight to party thinking [especially at the grassroots] than that offered by the 'spun' offerings of the national media.

Great idea and a useful resource - Well done Iain !


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