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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Torbye View 050806

Letter to Herald Express :

'Torbay View', the periodic magazine of Torbay Council, is meant to be an
informative non-political publication highlighting the successful work
of the council, included the often under-valued contribution made by
its staff. Whilst accepting that the elected mayor as the bay's first
citizen should rightly feature, the summer edition is notable for its
inclusion of only Conservative politicians - the mayor [several times]
and his deputy, Cllr. Carroll.

A first glance one could misconstrue this as a partisan party political
magazine. This Summer edition might be better called Torbye View ! I trust this was not the intention of all concerned and look forward to future editions featuring a broader range of council members from all parties and none.

Sadly Nick Bye continues to be erroneously described as being
Independent, despite continuing membership of the Conservative party,
presiding over a ruling Conservative administration and there being
direct weblinks to his neglected online presence from both websites of
the Torbay Conservatives and Marcus Wood, their leading spokesperson
locally. Everyone must know you're a Tory Nick, why persist with this
pretence and put distance between you and your party ?

I await the next issue with interest !

Barrie Wood

Pity much of the last major paragraph was chopped when published by the paper!


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