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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Tory Executive Mayor 'improving' Torbay !

The Tory executive Mayor of Torbay and his all-Conservative cabinet is clearly 'improving' the fortunes of the bay.

I have been a staunch critic of the mayor and believe Marcus Wood (Torbay Tory PPC) to have been less than fulsome publicly in support of his Tory Mayor on the council. This prompted him to write on his blog :

"I think Nick Bye is the best thing to happen to Torbay in a generation - and so do a large and growing number of the people who live here - and I would hate to think that anyone thought that I had any doubts"

The results below are from Marcus' Tory blog (as of 090706). Expect a few Tories will be rounded up now to give the vote a differing flavour !

I think Torbay Council is :

Very poor, and getting worse 11 votes
Very poor, but improving slowly 4 votes
Poor, but not as bad as people say 1 vote
Poor, but no worse than most other Councils 3 votes
Not too bad. 1 vote
Moderately good, trying hard to be better 0 votes
Moderately good, could do better 1 vote
What is all the fuss about? They are fine by me 5 votes

I will be delighted to remind you and the people of Torbay of the above quote come the next General Election. I am very happy too, to tie the fortunes of Mayor Bye and yourself together. It'll be interesting to see whose judgement is right !

On a different tack I wouldn't make use of such polls. The poll count is so low to be nothing more than useless, albeit currently amusing in it's findings ! Online polls are notoriously unreliable don't do them Marcus !


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