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Monday, May 15, 2006

Ming - My View

It's a case of playing catch-up having not posted anything for a while.

Firstly, the leadership of Ming Campbell. It is preposterous that people from within the party, aided by the recent interview comments made by Simon Hughes, are undermining Ming in the early days of his leadership. Whilst he's arguably not made as big a 'splash' initially as David Cameron did with the Tories we need to hold our nerve.

As Patience Wheatcroft says in 'The Daily Telegraph' the test for Cameron comes with policy formulation. Whilst we stay true to our core beliefs the Tories jump from one issue to another seeking to demonstrate how much they've changed. No consistent themes, let alone policies.

When policies emerge will it be more-of-the same as with the Cameron-penned [and panned] 2001 manifesto or will long-time loyal blues be frightened off by a move to a more socially liberal outlook matched with more centrist economic positions. He needs to do the latter but that needs the disowning of much of the heritage of Thatcherism. Trouble is [for them] that'll look like political opportunism.

Further 'compassionate conservatism' reminds one of another policy-lite figure, George W. Bush, who has shown zero compassion at home or abroad since election.

A tory schism is quite possibe. Let us bide our time and allow Ming to be the 'gut Liberal' he professess to, and we want him to be. Parliamentarians 'botched' any possibility of an 'orderly transistion'(copyright Nu Lab) and much bad press ensued.It's time for us all to back Ming. I do and will - and I didn't vote for him earlier this year.


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