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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Letter to The Herald Express 020306

With thanks to Simon Mollan for the woodstain analogy !

All Things to All People ? - Flip Flopping Cameron !

Another week passes and with it comes more spin and marketing trying to sell a re-packaged Conservative party. With this weeks offering the Tories have adopted yet another pointless slogan: Built to Last. Now if the 'product' was a power tool appliance or quality woodstain then it would makes sense, but a political party ?

During his short tenure as leader in terms of consistency we've had David Cameron as a 'liberal' conservative, the temporary 'green' who didn't support climate change levy and now the vacuous Built to Last 'vision' of this week....sounding very New 'Blue' Labour'. There is little in this latest pronouncement that Tony Blair [rather than socialists] would baulk at ! Quite breathtaking ! The re-working of the classic 'I Have A Dream' speech must be next !

I await the explanation from Marcus Wood and local Tories as to how this shoddy rummaging around of; and the gross misrepresentation of, others' political ideas amounts to a coherent political, let alone Tory, philosophy. You can re-market a product but damaged goods still remain exactly that !

Barrie Wood


Blogger David Stewart said...

Cameron has been highlighting some very important issues, I don't see much inconsistency at all.

12:16 pm GMT

Blogger Barrie Wood said...

Highlighting issues and having policy on them is something quite different !

Similarly people will look at his past voting record on policy issues and his writing of the flimsy Tory manifesto offered at the last election.

Already your party is again flatlining in the lower 30s in the polls as the latest ICM numbers indicate.

12:00 pm GMT


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