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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Simon Hughes as Leader

If Simon is unsuccessful in his bid to lead the Lib Dems might he consider a career change ? Nottingham Forest FC could do with his leadership potential, motivational skills, charisma, good PR with supporters and 'big name' appeal to boost morale. Most of all, just as Lib Dem **voters** recognise, he is a man one associates most of all with winning.

It's been a long time since Forest fans could declare 'Winning Here' with any confidence. We need a new manager to replace the clueless and tactically rigid incumbent, Gary Megson. A 'caretaker' manager, such as the much admired and widely touted Ming Campbell will not do, for we need to develop a longer term radical strategy, especially to win difficult away games.

0-3 to Oldham. In the bottom half of what is effectively Division 3 and only one away win all season and that not as difficult a 'fixture' as Dunfermline.

C'mon Simon be the 'real alternative' ! The Reds need you more than the Yellows !


Blogger Stephen Glenn said...

Well considering the Amber and Black appointed John Robertson to attempt to revive the 'winning here' attitude at Almondvale yesterday we'll not put up a fight.

However, I don't think Simon will be free enough in a few weeks time.

12:33 pm GMT


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