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Friday, February 10, 2006

Question Time Debate

A bit less dull than earlier encounters and the evening buttressed my ready to be posted ballot paper choices.

I was always going to vote Hughes as his politics is closest to mine and he is the least fearless in talking about redistribution of wealth (and power). Chris Huhne, has made the running on policy issues and his position on Iraq, green taxes, taking more people out of taxation and reluctance to replace trident all score well with me. Choice No. 2 and he has certainly registered on my political radar unlike before the contest. Huhne's bank manager-like persona and lack of charisma may not resonate well with non-politicos.

Ming is the establishment candidate. Erudite, urbane, patrician-sounding and 'safe'. In policy terms I think he'd position the Lib Dems in a way that would make us less distinguishable from Labour and the Tories.

So Hughes 1, Huhne 2 it is !


Blogger Tristan said...

'redistribution of wealth (and power)'

Beware equating wealth and power. That is Labour party politics.
Liberalism is all about power, ensuring that nobody has too much, that individuals have as much power over themselves as possible and others have as little as possible.

Wealth does not equal power. In some situations they are closely linked, but not in all, or even most.

I am worried about redistribution of wealth. It is a classic example of politics which leads to authoritarianism as it can only be done by a central government which then tells people what they can do with their finances.

I have no objection to the social responsibility whereby those who can pay more (although not necessarily a greater proportion) of income and wealth (which is where it gets difficult) to help those who need it but anything beyond that is starting to get into dangerous territory, even if you do it with the best of intentions.

10:08 pm GMT

Blogger Barrie Wood said...

I do not believe that individuals and communities can have freedom in any real sense if they are enslaved by poverty, poor health and are ill-educated. So I do believe liberals can and should use the instrument of the state to act on such concerns, as did Lloyd George, Keynes and Beveridge - good Liberals all !

Further the Lib Dems are not strictly a Liberal party. The party was formed by combining with **social democrats** from the SDP. I am not an economic liberal ! I emphasize 'social liberal' principles first.

4:19 pm GMT


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