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Thursday, March 16, 2006

EDM 1706 - Union Recognition at ASDA WalMart

ASDA, now part of the largest supermarket chain on the planet, the notorious union-busting WalMart group sought to de-recognise and bully workers into 'giving up' their trade union membership.

This is in breach of UK legislation and the broader fundamental right of anyone to freely join a trade union in a democratic society should they so wish. Therefore I ask Liberal readers and others to encourage their MPs to sign Early Day Motion 1706.

It reads :

EDM 1706


Kemp, Fraser

That this House notes that Asda Wal-Mart has been fined £850,000 in the United Kingdom for offering employees a pay rise to give up union rights at their depot in Washington Tyne and Wear; congratulates the GMB union on its successful campaign on the legal right to maintain union recognition which is fundamental to society; expresses concern over the role of the Portland public relations company in its attempts to discredit the GMB; and further notes that trade unions play a constructive role in the United Kingdom for employees and employers.

I am delighted by the positive response of my MP - Adrian Sanders - in signing the EDM. I'd be pleased to hear if others are equally successful.


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