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Thursday, July 06, 2006

It's Not My Fault Says Tory Mayor (Again) !

Letter to the 'Herald Express' 060706

Nick Bye's outburst directed at what he describes as Lib Dems 'holding
back' the resort reported in your paper on July 1 is becoming something
of a habit for the mayor. Another month, another issue and another 'it's
not my fault' plea from the mayor. It's those 'nasty' Lib Dems again
says Nick. This is becoming something of a regular pantomime dame
performance from the Mayor.

I was half expecting a press release from Nick blaming the Lib Dems for
England's world cup defeat, global warming and the state of the music
charts this week, but I guess that is still to come !

The reality is this : Nick Bye hasn't even been able to garner regular
support from even the three disaffected former Tories on the council - never mind the Lib Dems ! The Torbay Group and the now independent Cllr Oxley have frequently voted against the mayor. Knowing the 'political arithmetic' at the Town Hall and the potential for gridlock the inability to accommodate such people says more about Nick that it does of Torbay Councillors. It is you Nick, with your inability to bring even the Tory-inclined on board, your limited vision for the bay and failure to recognise that the new [separate] role of councillors is now one of scrutiny of decisions made by you and your all-Conservative cabinet. Councillors are doing that job, even if you don't like being held to account. Now is the time for you to do yours, as the sole seat of power at the Town Hall, but crucially in co-operation with councillors of all stripes.

This is the moment too, albeit belatedly perhaps, for magnanimity,
personal responsibility and leadership from you Mr Bye. Are you up to it ?

Irrespective of this, the media briefings against councillors needs to
stop. It demeans you, your office and fellow councillors !


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