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Monday, July 24, 2006

One Promise Made - One Promise Broken

David Cameron's only firm policy pledge - to leave the mainstream centre-right EPP group in the EU Parliament - has been broken. This will not happen until 2009 at the earliest. Backtracking and breaking promises already 'Dave' ?!

My guess it will not happen at all. With Angela Merkel likely to become a major figure in Euro affairs what sense does it make to divorce oneself from the largest EU political grouping to enter a more politically 'pure' EU grouplet, albeit one with zero influence ?

Still their purist mix of Thatcherism married to authoritarism has kept them out of power since 1997 here - long may it continue ! Here's to the Simon Heffers and Norman Tebbitts of this world continuing to feel alienated. If they are successful in their attacks on modernising the Tories they'll wreak havoc with the fluffy bunny Toryism of Dave's creation. If they fail, maybe - just - maybe, socially conservative ideas will start to retreat to the margins of the Tory party and the 'nasty party' can belatedly begin to join modern liberal society. This can only be good for reasoned political debate in this country. A win-win scenario surely, even if the latter prospect makes them electorally competitive again !

For the time being I'll continue; as I have all my life, being implacably opposed to all things Tory !


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