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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

More on Ming ! - Not Moron Ming !!!

Generally pretty positive conference vibe. Ming Campbell scored well on content but still looks a bit stiff and lacking in pesonal warmth. He looks uncomfortable, which in a televisual age distracts some from the message he seeks to relay. I say this having watched on TV.

The 'Blair Babes' style picture with mostly younger female Lib Dems on Brighton seafront again seemed very un-Ming. Play to his strengths and not resort to media-oriented spin.

What did nark me was the smug 'we are a party of substance not spin'. Surely this was undermined by media manipulation in pushing the new tax proposals for all they were worth prior to the conference debate ? Ditto attempts in the media to ramp up Ming's 'image' as leader. All that ex-Olympic runner stuff is utter crap ! It just draws attention to all his yesterday's [and some of ours no doubt].

He is who he is. Accept that or move on !

At least the bloke is consistent politically unlike others we could mention !


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