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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A List Meritocracy Cameron-style

The latest tranche of Tory A-List hopefuls sees 11 out of 14 being London based. The head honcho [Shireen Ritchie] of Dave's attempt at inclusivity emanates from Kensington and Chelsea Conservative Association [KCCA] and was formerly Chairman (sic) of KCCA and a councillor there. Of 150 hopefuls in total we've got :

Timothy Coleridge (K&C councillor)
Margot James (K&C councillor)
Joanna Gardner (K&C councillor)
Elizabeth Campbell (K&C councillor)
Mary Macleod (Deputy Chairman K&C)
Mary Weale (K&C councillor)

Add to this : Melanie Mclean - who lives in the seat
Angie Bray GLA - whose Assembly seat includes K&C.

Consider this, KCCA provides more candidates for the A-List than the whole of Lancashire and Yorkshire combined. The Tories control Worcester, Walsall and Coventry councils - why aren't we seeing more of those councillors popping up?

As one commentator on Conservative.home says with deep irony: "Yes, having 5 K&C councillors plus the deputy chairman of the association on a priority list of 150 overseen by the ex-chairman of the association is merely a coincidence".

I'm mostly using the words of Tories up and down the country. It's all spin and a sham from Cameron.

Good to see the Tories want to reflect modern K&C..... sorry Britain ! I guess they've swapped the male city bankers / lawyers et al for their female counterparts. Great to see a smallish London borough produces such a swathe of 'talent'. Hats off to Davie C once more !


Anonymous Anonymous said...

One day you will grow up and see how blind, wrong and ignorant you are.

5:34 pm GMT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have to bear in mind though that Kensington and Chelsea are much more prosperous than the north of england and thus will naturally produce much more highly educated candidates for any kind of leadership.

4:03 pm GMT


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