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Thursday, September 24, 2009

'Good Conference' or 'Bad Conference' ?

The media would have the public believe that Autumn Conference went badly for the Lib Dems.

Well that's according to establishment figures like Andrew Neill. Frankly, despite the discomfiture of the leadership, it showed from my position on the TV sofa, that the party is a thinking party, has grown up quality debates and occasionally reminds (as it has done before) us all that Conference has to agree to policy changes (rather than the week long cheerleading that goes on at other party conferences).

In my eves I see a victory for debate and democracy and accountability. Any bruises felt by Clegg and Cable are entirely of their making. Despite what some may think I do not fetishise challenges to the leadership. As a former community worker I am ever mindful of the need to take people with you. A pity Nick Clegg preferred macho posturing in the media last weekend instead.

Instead of the doom laden froth of 'savage cuts' and ill-defined attacks on the public sector seeking core Tory votes, that are never likely to come our way, it's the fantastically progressive and redistributive taxation position that we should be taking out onto the doorstep.

So, it seems to me, that Conference was far from the 'disaster' than the political class would have you believe. I missed being there this year, but 2010 will be different !



Blogger David Cox said...

Quite right Barry, I was very encouraged by the conference; commitments to redistribution, devolving power and ant-trust legislation to stop the tescofication of the UK were all welcome.

11:12 pm BST


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