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Sunday, June 28, 2009

New Blog Address / Final Prog Politics post

Can those who have followed my Lib Dem oriented blog please note that having left the party I shall now blog at

Lib Dems are welcome to subscribe, as will be radical social liberals, social democrats / democratic socialists and Greens.

Thanks to those who've read my Progressive Politics blog. This will be deleted within the next seven days or so.

Kind Regards,

Barrie Wood



Blogger Julian H said...

Do you really need to delete it, Barrie? I think most blogs even after retirement act as interesting archives - especially where there are lots of comments. You could maybe disable further comments, put up a "blog retired" message but leave the blog visible.

In any case I wish you good luck moving on, in spite of our ideological differences.

9:44 am BST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The link doesn't work

9:50 pm BST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Barry, I'm very upset with your letter in the Herald. Devon Lib Dems never opposed windfarms. You have copied J.Jones Guardian article. Please provide proof of your claim or correct your claim.

3:49 pm BST

Blogger Barrie Wood said...

Nick Harvey certainly DID oppose the Fullabrook scheme in North Devon, as quoted on thisiscornwall website, reporting from the Western Morning News of June 11 2009.

I'm happy to quote other examples of opposition on onshore wind farms.

6:19 pm BST

Anonymous David Cox said...

Barry, You don't live to far from Teignbridge, come and see what a small Lib Dem council has done for the environment and social justice. 55% recycling, a Climate Change Officer saving money and the planet.

11:04 am BST

Blogger Chris said...

Blogger didn't link correctly to your new blog. The correct URL is this one:

6:08 pm BST

Blogger Cptn said...

Hi there

Hope all's good.

Just thought I'd get in touch to see if you'd be up for a guest post on the People's Republic of South Devon.

Let us know what you think.

All the best

9:51 pm BST

Blogger Barrie Wood said...


In principle, why not ?! What do you want me to post about ?

11:46 am BST

Blogger Rayyan said...

Hi Barrie - my name is Rayyan Mirza and I'm running for Green Party Chair in the current internal elections. Congratulations on joining the party! I am trying to contact as many new and recent members as I can, to discuss my campaign. Please go to my website to see what I stand for.


9:40 am BST


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