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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I've joined the 'liberal elite' !!

In today's newspaper (and tomorrow's toilet paper) a correspondent in the 'Herald Express', Julian Head, writes of Mark Hellyer and myself as being part of Torbay's 'liberal elite'. When did I become part of the elite ? Do you get a badge like you would on 'Blue Peter' ? What privileges and responsibilities goes with such a title ? Do you get free tickets to Wembley ? Do you get to claim any expenses / allowances ? And, being a tad proletarian, how do I renounce the title, should I wish to ? Any ideas ?

It's good to know others write even more errant nonesense to our local paper than I do ! Well Done Mr. Head, I salute you !



Anonymous Adrian Sanders said...

I've always thought the term Liberal Elite was an oxymoron.

11:46 pm BST


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