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Monday, May 18, 2009

This Lib Dem says goodbye to Conference

Yes it's goodbye to the Conference for this Lib Dem. As of yesterday, our yellow shirted heroes said goodbye to Conference football. A great day out at Wembley and the Gulls made Torbay and South Devon proud with the promotion play-off victory over Cambridge United. Having beaten Champions Burton Albion home and away, having not lost to any of the play-off contenders all season, Torquay United deserve the acclaim they are getting today. Thanks too must go to the local consortium that took over the club at it's darkest hour. They have, with manager Paul Buckle, turned the mess they inherited into a vibrant club who have done us all proud. Today I am bursting with pride at the Gulls achievements. Pride of place goes to our inspirational 37 year old captain, whose commitment and dedication is what this team is now all about. Mr Chris Hargreaves you deserve another 12 months contract (should you want to carry on playing). In just two years you've become a true Torquay legend.

Finally, best of luck next year to Cambridge and their army of fans. You deserve better. Here's to future contests with you in the Football League very soon.



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