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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Borrowing a line from 'Socialist Worker'

Years ago the SWP paper 'Socialist Worker' on it's masthead used to say something to the effect that they supported neither Washington nor Moscow but were for international socialism. To paraphrase them, we should promote the politics of liberalism and not be fixated by potential deal-making at Westminster with either Tory or Labour.

We shouldn't (as things currently stand) do a deal with either larger party following an inconclusive GE result. Labour may offer the politics of the inept, but in terms of ethos and any shared ideals they are closer to me (and us I hope) than the politics of greed, self-interest and vacuity that typifies the Tories.

I would leave the Lib Dems if they entered into a national coalition with the Tories. I've spent all my life opposing the Tories and that's not going to change. As I argued a couple of years ago, Labour are our competition for the progressive centre-left vote, the Tories are the political 'enemy'.

And, in Torbay, success is dependent on squeezing the Labour vote and appealing to former Labour voters originally from the big cities and now resident here. A Tory Lite LD party in government would be disastrous for local campaigns here in Torbay. Extracting liberal policies from the largest party would be the way to go (on a policy-by-policy basis) in my view.

Promoting a more liberal Britain is where we need to be. Fatuous discussion over who is the more ghastly, Labour or Tory doesn't achieve this. I've always hated the Tories, but what's to love about Labour these days either ?



Blogger Julian H said...

What if we formed a coalition with the Tories on the condition that STV was implemented to replace FPTP?

We'd still be separate parties, but in coalition so as to meet the 50% requirement.

(Admittedly I doubt they'd agree to this, but in theory...)

6:28 pm GMT

Blogger Barrie Wood said...

It would require STV PR and a whole swathe of LD policy being adopted in the government programme before I'd give it even a second thought.

4:13 pm GMT


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