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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Please help a disappointed Labour activist / councillor !

Recently I swapped emails with a first class Labour councillor, someone of integrity, values and purpose. In it I asked :

Can you tell me of ANY progressive achievement from the Government since the last election ?

The reply below is very revealing :

A few new nurseries have opened, a little more money has gone into schools and hospitals and, er.. that's about it. The PLP has shown no vision whatsoever (except, it seems, when submitting allowance claims...). It's been too often sidetracked into areas like Immigration and "welfare reform" instead of the radical policies which would have transformed many lives for the better. The recall of Mandelson was the day the next election was effectively conceded to Cameron. Things have only gone downhill ever since.

It is true the number of achievements at local council level have been rather better and that my friend is someone I could happily vote for, but is that all Labour have to show for 2005 onwards. Can others, in a non-tribal fashion, suggest ANY other positives. Of course, not being the Tories is one plus but....

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Anonymous ultrafox said...

Of course, the question arises - what would a LibDem government (or,rather more realistically, one where the LibDems were the minority partner) have done?

My guess would have been to promote proportional representation. As the author is well aware, this would mean that dozens of BNP members and their pals in UKIP would gain the right to sit in Parliament.

Would this move do anything to improve the severely battered reputation of our democratic institutions in Parliament? I think not.

The author also neatly avoids the serious issue of his party's position on the main issue facing the British people right now - the economy. Since being elected to his office, the LD leader has called for further privatisations and deflation and refused to support moves to help struggling banks and companies.

We expect such a response from the hard right of the Conservative Party. But for the leader of a self-styled "progressive" party it is, to say the least, extremely disappointing.

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